About Rising Design

The Winning Formula

We’ve observed a pattern/formula to creating $5+ million businesses within 2 years:

  • Match up a friendly audience with a well-designed and well-marketed product.
  • Test market and perfect your product inside of this friendly audience crucible. 
  • With established product-market fit, launch ‘similar audience’ marketing campaigns and seek to scale sales growth via data analysis and A/B testing of content.

Friendly audiences like Erik Organic's list of 27,000 customer contacts and 12,000 active newsletter subscribers are a great way to launch new products!

But it is very important to introduce the right products, because the wrong product can diminish the value of a friendly audience.

They might hate your new product, and that could reflect badly on your brand.

Our Pricing Model

Rising Design provides product development and marketing services, and keeps the costs low, in exchange for a percentage of the product/company.

This is similar to the investment or startup incubator model, only Rising Design provides marketing and product development services instead of financial services.

We only work on a few projects per year, so choosing the right audience and product is important for us too.

We specialize in designing and marketing artisinal, high-quality products that customers love.

Erik Schimek

Website Designer, Product Designer and Internet Marketer for over 25 years. I enjoy new projects, I learn quickly by diving in and ‘doing’.

  • Expert in Pay Per Click Advertising, Landing Page Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, Conversion Analysis, and several other co-related forms of digital marketing. This combination of skills allows me to iterate quickly, and find product-market fit cost-effectively.
  • Specialist in marketing to high-expectation, high-income customers.
  • Expert in ecommerce product design, including cost of goods sold analysis.
  • Expert in writing effective marketing and advertising copy, and integrating ad copy into marketing using design tools like Shopify, Photoshop and Office.
  • While my coding and technical skills are out of date, I’m an old-school ‘computer hacker’. I built my own computer from spare parts at age 16, and ran a two-telephone line Bulletin Board System in my basement called Dissent. Dissent was an active source of flame-war-free political discussions and event organizing, with an openness to the new. One of my favorite BBS topics was learning how to use neuro-lingustic programming to upgrade my brain's software.
  • My academic training is non-technical. I have a BS in History/Political Science, with a focus on 20th century American and European nationalism and a deep interest in the philosophy of creativity as a means of self improvement. I've put that drive for self-improvement into practice.
  • In graduate school I studied Public Administration with a focus on alternative education theory and practice. I also began designing award-winning websites for academic and commercial purposes, including design of a website and didactic panels for the University's Francisco Goya exhibit. This was a self-taught activity as there were no digital design classes available at the time.
  • During college I managed several large political events, including a Minneapolis convention for the National Lawyers Guild and a highly credible 3rd party statewide political campaign that earned the endorsement from several of Minnesota's most influential newspapers. I also started a webzine with my friends called Columbus Day Riot.
  • More recently, I was an leader in the Austin paleo community. I set up over 30 events with guest speakers and/or activities, and assisted PaleoFX with operations for several years. Through my interaction with numerous heath-and-fitness entrepreneurs, I've learned a lot about how successful products are developed.
  • After college, I was a schoolteacher for 3 years. I built an innovative distance-learning program in 1998 that was promoted in the local newspapers and drew in students from 5 neighboring school districts. Because of this outreach, the distance-learning program I created was a net profit for my school district. I co-wrote a grant proposal to bring in $150,000 for school transformation; we received extensive training from Wayne Jennings and other noted experts in student-centered education.
  • I have 20 years of entrepreneurial experience working with a community of Amish crafters from Minnesota and bringing their furniture to market. Erik Organic has brought over $15,000,000 in revenue to the town of Harmony over the past 20 years, which has helped the Amish community and the town of Harmony Minnesota to thrive economically.

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