My Path to Meliora

Meliora is a combination of two elements:

  • Belinda's spiritual techniques, which she learned via travel across the world studying with teachers on 5 continents.
  • My lifetime effort to improve myself, including recovery from debilitating illness -- to become healthy, happy and free.

Why did I pursue the path of spirituality?

Like Henry Rollins, I found that working through my physical and emotional and mental barriers wasn't enough. I needed a kick in the ass.

Henry went to India and stared down the eye of a poisonous snake:

I took mushrooms in the forest, and meditated on top of a sacred mountain in Japan with a massive whiskey hangover. Six of one, 18 multidimensional constructs of the other.

What we both learned is that ...

Willpower is a Creative Expression of Self 

It is through self-overcoming of our own internal limitations that we project our best selves into the world.

That's what we're trying to build with Meliora -- a platform for mature human creative expression.