Meliora Meditation

Meliora Meditation is a combination of two elements:

  • Belinda's spiritual techniques, which she learned via travel across the world studying with teachers on 5 continents.
  • My lifetime effort to improve myself, including recovery from debilitating illness -- to become healthy, happy and free.


The Meliora Solar Disc represents the power of creation (the Flower of Life) being directed outwards, to everyone (via imperfect triangles, in the tradition of Mayan and Aztec temples which propagated 'power to the people'). 

Section of Meliora Meditation, Evoking the Pink Ray:

From the depths of my being, I am what I am. I recall the Dhyani Buddha of the Pink Ray to come here and manifest in my being your energy of infinite beautiful and generous love.

Open my heart, because I am the door that nothing and no one can close. 

Open my heart, because I am the door that nothing and no one can close.

Open my Heart, because I am the door that nothing and no one can close.

Because Love opens all the doors to all the bodies and sub bodies of my being, of all levels and elements and of all worlds, of all dreams and all capacities.

I am the grace of the pink ray, I am worship, I am beauty, I am abundance, I am understanding. With this awareness I show absolute diplomacy.

I am the gentle and harmonious Love of The Creator in infinite compassion, now and forever.

So be it, and so it is.

Take a deep breath. Then, while exhaling, imagine that the pink ray is being released into the 50 feet radius sphere – carried by your breath.

Section of Meliora Meditation, Invoking Abundance:

Speak or sing or creatively express the following:

In the perfected presence of The Creator’s divine protection and healing, I am what I am, with great humility and respect.

I invite an abundance of wealth and an abundance of lovingkindness into my life.

Let The Great Spirit’s divine footsteps help me to find my clearest, brightest, most life-affirming path forward in life.

Let my divine heart find joy and laughter and lovingkindness in ever greater measure, with ever greater confidence, and with ever greater love.

I am humility, I am respect, I am inner harmony, I am beauty, I am love, I am the perfected light of God expressed in this world. I am divine.

Let my divine actions create divine abundance in my life and in my home and in my community.

So be it, and so it is.

Section of Meliora Meditation, Closing Invocation:

I ask beautiful Ameratsu to manifest her Light, to guide and protect my path.

I recall the Dhyani Buddha of my infinite Voice, to sing my infinite Song, to manifest my beautiful and harmonious Dreams.

May my heart be harmoniously guided towards the Beautiful and the Numinous and the Kind.

So be it, and so it is.


Meliora Effectiveness

The primary effect of Meliora Meditation is a combination of 'years of talk therapy' along with a 'get off your ass pill'.

Better options/ideas emerge from within without having to be taught or told what to do, along with the capacity to act upon these internal motivations, from a place of more calm and more peace.

This is a powerful, potent combination -- particularly when combined with other potent life interventions like 'community' and 'team' and 'tribe'.

The base technology of Meliora Meditation is an increase in chakra capacity, which is also an increase in information processing capacity. Meliora Meditation upgrades your ability to adapt and learn.

The base theory of Meliora Meditation is that every person has a divine reason for being here. This is as fundamental to being human as gravity and falling in love.

Our philosophical approach is ‘harmonious self-empowerment through gentle self-revelation’, because we believe that the best and most important lessons always come from within. 

Prior Beta Testing of Meliora

Based on prior testing via in-person meditation classes to several hundred people in Mexico and several dozen people in the United States, the effectiveness of Meliora Mediation has three primary variables:

  1. Openness to the experience. Are you approaching the activation and meditation with an open mind and an open heart, and are you willing to have a ‘temporary leap of faith’ for a few weeks? (We are still working out the details on timing and duration, the original meditation class as taught by Belinda was 2 days long and required a 30 minute daily meditation for 28 days without any interruptions. Belinda and I have been working on Meliora 'on the side' for over 3 years). 
  1. Frequency of and effectiveness of the daily meditation. In practice this means doing some version of Meliora Meditation every morning for several weeks in a row, and holding a mindful/neutral or positive mindset while doing the morning meditation. (Reduced duration time of the meditation on some mornings, and 'skipping some days' seems to be OK as long as it doesn't become a habit that interrupts the epigenetic changes taking place. Epigenetic changes generally take a minimum of 28 days to lock into place). 
  1. Your own prior reservoir of wisdom, spiritual experience, or both. Meliora Meditation is especially helpful for those who don’t have either one, as it helps them to 'catch up'. 


Why Did I Pursue a Path of Spirituality?

Like Henry Rollins, I found that working through my physical and emotional and mental barriers wasn't enough. I needed a kick in the ass.

Henry went to India and stared down the eye of a poisonous snake:

I took mushrooms in the forest, and meditated on top of a sacred mountain in Japan with a massive whiskey hangover. Six of one, 18 multidimensional constructs of the other.

What we both learned is that ...

Willpower is a Creative Expression of Self 

It is through self-overcoming of our own internal limitations that we project our best selves into the world.

That's what Belinda and I are seeking to build with Meliora Meditation -- a platform for mature human creative expression.