Meliora Lightwork

Meliora lightwork is a combination of two schools of healing:

Chakra-Based Healing

This method of healing is based on the Vedic schools, and is invoked via the Great Medicine Buddha. The purpose of this method is to clear and heal and regulate the management of chakras (which serve as the body's spiritual energy transformers).

Whole-Body Based Healing

A second method of healing that infuses 'light energy' into the body in an intelligent, self-guided manner. These whole body-based healing techniques draw their lineage directly from meditation on Mount Kurama (invoking all three rays), not via the Reiki lineage. 

Meliora Lightwork encourages creativity, as a necessary component of calling out your full spiritual power.

Meliora Lightwork is still in early beta, and there are no current plans to offer classes or training.


Belinda Ortiz is the primary architect of Meliora Lightwork, she has studied spirituality and religion on 5 continents including 3 years of study in Jerusalem. Belinda is well-known as a healer in Mexico, with an extensive network of friends who can attest to her kindness, deep insights and powerful healing abilities.


Belinda is pictured below with her daughter Naomi.