Manifesting Flow, Barefoot Steps in the Direction Thereof

David Abrams said it best:

"I discovered the real value of my hypersensitive nervous system ... only when I ventured beyond the confines of civilization. The feelings that played through ... seemed less confined or bottled up and more a part of the general circulation between cedar trees, humans, woodpeckers, mountains, lizards, between cloudburts and streams studded with trout.

My porous nature seemed much less of a problem here. That permeability had always meant that I was too easily affected by other person -- by other nervous systems shaped so much like my own.

Yet such porosity was just right, I now realized, for engaging nervous systems very different from my own. It was just right for entering into felt relation with other, non-human forms of sentience."

-- Quote from Becoming Animal, An Earthly Cosmology, by David Abram